The glasses business does not have to be complicated.

You don’t have to deal with half a dozen companies
just to get a unique product to sell.

And you don’t have to settle for limited pre-designed
products to avoid the hassle.

You control your product,
we deal with the logistics.

When you consider all the options, your product possibilities are almost infinite.
Yet you have just one point of contact. All of the freedom, none of the hassle.

Choose your lenses –
anything from a range of
sunglasses, RX, and readers

Choose lense filters
or coatings

Choose the frame style,
color, and design

Sell the products online
with our web integrations

Sit back while we assemble,
pick, and ship your orders

EyeHub is your

Key Benefits


We undestand your goals, then build a specific solution from our endless library of options so you can get exactly what you need.


You can design youw own product.
You are never forced to choose from a limited selection of prefabricated products. The possibilities are endless.


You get a single point of contact, without sacrificing freedom and control.
We put together the best solutions so you can focus on growing your business.


We are upfront with everything. No surprises, no long waits and no dependency on a single supplier.


In-house online web and IT integration gives you the tools you need to sell to your customers, while keeping you in compliance with optical industry standards.


We assemble.We pick.We pack. We ship.
You get paid.

EyeHub is great for you
if you are:

Looking to expand
your product line to glasses.

New to the glasses business? Optical makes sense.

Whether we’re talking sunglasses or prescription, the market is huge. Plus glasses are an accessory, so the same customers keep coming back for new styles.

Unfortunately, the glasses industry can make your head spin. You need to source frames, lenses, assembly, warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping, usually from a handful of different manufacturers and service providers. We do it all right here in the USA. 

Or you get a company who offers all that in one, but forces you to choose from a tiny selection of the same old styles.

EyeHub provides a turnkey solution. We eliminate the supply-chain complexities. But you still call the shots when it comes to design and style without long lead times or massive minimum orders.

So in turn your customers get quality products that are unique, affordable– and not “Made in China.”

Already in optical,
but you need a better supplier.

You’ve got the marketing and branding. But it’s excruciating dealing with the supply chain.

All you want is a single point of contact, and known pricing without having to order 5000 units. But you don’t want to sacrifice your tailored product.

Your dreams have come true.

When you take into account the number of frame styles, frame colors/ designs, lenses (non-prescription, readers, RX), coatings, and filters– the choices are almost infinite.

But you don’t have to trade your freedom of choice just to make your life easier. Pick exactly what you want.

Do what you do best. Design your product, and start selling. We handle EVERYTHING else from assembly to pick, pack, and shipping to your customer.

Always unique, always tailored to your specifications. Not made in China.