Bulk Edging

Large volume edging of lenses into your frames with extra care and complimentary frame and lens alignment to help minimize your customer returns. We produce to your specifications on-site in the USA regardless of volume.

Pick and Pack Services (3PL)

We receive your product in bulk. We store everything in our facility. We pick, inspect, pack and ship it to the final destination– whether your customer is an individual or retailer.

Stocking & Shipping Services

We will hold all of your stock for you and ship on demand to make sure your glasses are shipped to their final destination, whether it is an individual customer or a retailer.

Eyeglass Lens Supply

Sunglasses, RX, readers, non prescription– you name it, we supply it. Plus coatings and filters galore– no scratch, no glare, polarized etc.

Ophthalmic Frame Supply

Frame supply in accordance with your target audience and needs.

Custom Lens & Eyeglass Engraving

Personalize any pair of eyeglasses with laser engraved logos. Build a lasting brand impression for your clients using the latest in innovation and technology.

Rx Prescription
Direct to Consumer (Online)

Let your customers choose their design and prescription needs. We’ll manufacture, assemble, and ship it right to them.

Web Integration

Sell products you design, on your own website. The orders go straight to us. We handle the entire production, from manufacture to shipping. You just sit back and get paid.

Custom Services

Tell us what you need, and we will design a service specifically for you. We can handle every aspect of glasses design, manufacturing, and distribution. Everything is customizable. We’re here to serve you, so don’t be shy. Your wish is our command.

Rx Prescription
Direct to Doctor

We supply the final product to sell in your practice. Your patients will love the unique designs they can’t find anywhere else. Customize your products, or let us handle the details– whatever works best for you.

Lens Validation/ Impact/ Technical Testing

Know exactly what your product can handle, and ensure the best quality control available.