The freedom of design that we pass on to you comes in part from the
full range of services we perform on site.

Our facility handles everything from lens design to complete
lens production including our legendary lens edging program.

Prescription Lab, lens edging for sunglass frames and full Rx and
non Rx lens edging services can all be performed in house.

High Volume Lens Edging

Sunglass plano lenses are edged with remarkable precision using our state-of-the-art MEI Lens Edging equipment. Our facility combines the best optical fabrication equipment and skilled craftsmen to deliver high volume production to meet any volume needs.

Our team of highly-trained specialists uses 3D drawings, DXF files and other formats to provide the highest quality setup and fabrication.


We offer custom full glasses assembly – from shaping, insertion, to a full 5-point alignment. This meets the highest standards of safety.

High volume lens mounting can be done for plastic zyle, metal, groove, three piece mount and 8 base wrap for sports frames.

And as always, we tailor our procedures to your specifications. Everything is customizable.

Digital Lab / Sports Rx

Through our in-house full Rx Lab we offer an integrated Digital Free Form Processing System which allows us to manufacture digital free-form lenses and specialized high based lenses on sports frames.

We can cut on our highly customizable equipment, lenses for high wrap frames that require hooks, vents, notches, step / shelf bevels and any other complicated shapes.

We also offer mirror coatings and matching tints to complement your sun lens frame line.